The single man's guide to Valentine's Day

The single man's guide to Valentine's Day

The season of love is in full swing. Couples are coo-ing over one another, the cities are filled with love hearts and all you can think is “When will this BS holiday be over with?”.

We hear ya!

Why should this day of luuuurve be just for couples? People in relationships shouldn’t get all the fun right?

Here at Pleasurekit we want you to know - whatever your FB status is set to - that anyone and everyone deserves to be loved. Even if that includes a bit of self love (which can sometimes be the best kind).

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new toys, appreciate your alone time or basically just tell cupid to flash his naked butt elsewhere… either way here is a guide to our top 5 things to get you through the next week.


Try something new

We know people can get stuck in a rut. Same old things over and over again. It is time to stop! There's a big old world of sex toys out there. Ones that are made to please and please you they shall do. Give those palms a rest and let some ready made masturbators make you wonder if you ever need a partner again.

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Think about what you want

Being a singleton takes the pressure off wanting (or trying) to please a partner. Make it all about you! Assuming you already have an idea of what you like... are there things you have always wanted to try? Make Valentine's extra special and treat yourself to that long awaited fantasy. Curious about anal play? Light some candles and get acquainted with a shiny new butt plug or even a prostate massager if you are feeling extra adventurous. You wont regret it!

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Have a clear out

Banish all traces of an ex partner. Bin old toys, out of date condoms and restock your stash. There is nothing more satisfying than a fresh start. Not only will it make you feel better but having a clean kit to play with is much more appealing than pulling out something that you can't look in the eye as it brings back memories that you would rather forget.

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This may be a new term to some of you - however no partner wants to deal with hair balls so it is time to educate yourself on some proper manscaping and maintenance techniques. Give yourself a restyle. Not only is it more hygienic but it can also make your appendage look bigger. Yep - it's true! So why not give your crown jewels a bit of a tidy up. Surveys show that 50% of women prefer their partner to either be totally or partially hair free. Pube pruning tip: shaving when dry is a bad idea, maybe don't begin your manscape until after you have taken a hot shower - we don’t want any injuries!

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Get some training in

Want to last longer between the sheets? Does your ejaculation occur more quickly than you would like it too? You are not alone… as many as 1 in 5 men experience difficulty with uncontrolled spunking. It has actually put some men off wanting a relationship all together. Lucky for you we have plenty of stamina training kits to help you work those penis muscles and help you gain a little more control. It may take more than just one evening but what better day to start than V-Day?

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