Don’t skip Kegel Day

Don’t skip Kegel Day

Overcrowded gyms? Aching limbs? It’s all well and good sticking on your lycra leggings and squatting the life out of those glutes in the gym, toning up your core and lunging your way into 2019… but have you remembered to work that all important set of muscles up inside your vag!?

Kegel exercises are becoming increasingly popular amongst women –  in-fact I even overheard a brief convo about this, on a tram of all places, between a group of middle ages ladies – point is, if you are not in the Kegel club, you need to be.

Many women are still unsure what Kegel activity is, let alone the benefits that the exercises can have on overall health and wellness.

So whatever your ‘New Year, New Me’ plan might be, maybe think about incorporating this simple, do anywhere exercises and reap some bloody good rewards.

What are Kegel Exercises?

A Kegel is a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. They are sling-like muscles that support and surround the bladder, the vagina, uterus and back passage.

Although these exercises might not give you buns of steel, they will make you feel like some kind of sexual goddess!

It is recommended that you try and do at least 30 contractions a day – multiple times if you can manage it. You wouldn’t do the same exercises at the gym daily, so don’t feel like you have to do the same Kegel exercises all the time. Variety is just as important as consistency. Mix it up, try new patterns and tempo. If you’re feeling extra sporty you can get Kegel weight balls which you can insert and hold in.

Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Performing these pelvic floor strengthening exercises (Kegels) can help prevent bladder leaks, pelvic organ prolapse, lower back pain and really can improve your sex life. How so? Well, by strengthening your PCs (the short term for pubococcygeus), the muscles that contract when you have an orgasm – the more satisfying your sex life will be – for both men and women. It means a more powerful climax for the ladies and a tighter grip for the men – if you get my gist. Who doesn’t wish for a tighter vajay?

A background on Kegels

Arnold Kegel discovered that doing pelvic floor muscle exercises helped women have more intense and more frequent orgasms back in 1952. He originally set out to find a cure for incontinence after childbirth but found plenty of benefits from doing such a simple exercise.

If you are still unsure which muscles we are talking about, try to stop your pee mid-flow - they are the ones we are talking about. (Side note: this is just a helpful one-time way to identify your pelvic-floor muscles. Don't be doing your Kegel exercises when your peeing. Regularly stopping your pee stream can cause bladder issues.).

How do we train them?

After trying to find the easiest way of describing such activity… Google came up with a fairly simple way of doing such thing.

Pretend you are sat on a marble and try and pick it up”

Not the most pleasant thought but hey, it certainly gives you the right idea.

Make sure you are squeezing - This can be tested by placing a finger in your vagina and squeezing tight… you should be able to feel that tightening around your finger.

Hold don't pulse - when you're into the swing of things hold the squeeze for 5-10 seconds and release for 5 - back to the marble reference - imagine you are trying to stop that marble from coming out.

Add it to your daily keep fit routine. Doing these on the regs gives off benefits that you don’t want to miss out out. Doing them for 2 weeks and then giving up isn’t going to do much. You need to keep at it. It takes minutes. Make them part of your daily routine.

Don’t actually use marbles! There are Kegel balls you can buy to add a bit of resistance to your pelvic floor tightening. Be wary of what you put up there. I recommend you use something made of silicone that won’t irritate your internals. Don’t forget to clean after use either to avoid bacteria spreading.

So there you have it! Some simple squeezes that are so important for below-the-belt-health and how some self-contracting can help have some mind blowing orgasms.

Bye bye leaking bladders and hello better orgasms!

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