5 reasons why it's better when it's wetter

5 reasons why it's better when it's wetter

Nothing beats a bit of lubrication when it comes to getting frisky with your partner. It's something that everybody should have in their little kit of pleasures, a little tub of lube! Even the Ancient Greeks used olive oil together with their leather handmade dildos, and apparently some people still use olive oil now as a quick fix slide and glide option. Ergh.

Why not pick up a more innovative formula and stop reaching for kitchen based items to help you slide into the weekend? Lube has thousands of years worth of history which has got to tell us something, it's only ever evolving from being an already great thing.

Here are my reasons why nothing beats a bit of lube...

Lube is great for a quickie!

Needing a quick fix before a long day in the office? Lets face it, there isn't always time for fully fledged foreplay at 6.30am. Enter - lube. A bit of water-based lubricant can save plenty of time, heck there will even be time for you to make the bed after with the amount of time consuming caressing this will save. So if you live your life in the fast lane… get a bottle of easy pump lube on your bedside table.




Shower play is here to stay!

Have you ever tried to ‘play’ in the shower? Your bodies natural lubrication is washed away making things a little more difficult to get things going. Silicone lube has you covered! It is waterproof and long lasting! Thus giving you time to get to the big-O you have been waiting for.




It can help you achieve a better orgasm!

Yep, you read correctly. More so for the ladies this one. There are special lube tubes that are specially formulated to help you achieve the Big O.

If you are a little sensitive in the lady garden area - maybe one to avoid but if not there are many different varieties available from a menthol tingle to a bit of heat which will maximise your pleasure.




Massage is always a good start!

Looking for fruity ways to get in the mood? A massage is always a good idea. Some lubes double up as a massage oil which means you and your partner can slide off each other and rub up against each other without getting nasty friction burns.

Team your warm up with a massager/wand too if you really want to tantalize each others senses.




Chafing Schmafing!

One for the fellas. Are you sick of the chafing that can sometimes put you out of action for days? The cruel irony of masturbating which can bring you down, by erm… pulling things down.

Skin soreness is a common side effect of having a tommy-tank without using lube. As we keep saying, everything is better, down where it is wetter… grab yourself some water based lube and go in on fast and furious mode without damaging yourself.




Slip and Slide into that backside!

There is actually a difference between anal lube and any other lubricants. Anal lubes tend to be thicker and longer-lasting. If you are planning on making a back door debut we highly recommend going for some bum fun lube rather than the standard ranges.

A water based anal lube is highly advised for beginners, as silicone based ones will have you sliding into next Tuesday if you are not careful. You don’t want to be causing any damage whilst cave exploring.





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